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When I began my journey in 3D design and animation one thing that was really tough was - what do I call myself?  After lots of thought and thinking that every idea was no good, I realized that making any decision was better than making no decision.

I really like fishing so I went with Tackle Box, and it presented a creative challenge - what kind of animation can I do to show it off.  This is where I landed.  It was a big learning leap, and also a reminder of where I started out. 

Project: Tackle Box

Tackle Box

Visual Development - I played around with colors and characters, but I finally settled on a more minimal scene with the box contents being the star.  Also, rigging the trays in the box was challenging.  Get in touch if you are curious how it was done. 


About the project

Inspired by my kid's toys and my love for space exploration, this project came to be.  It was also a great excuse to practice UV mapping.  

Personal Project

Year: 2021

Software:  Cinema 4D R23,  Octane Renderer

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