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I am so very thankful for all the great projects I could be a part of over the past few years.  Here are some highlights.  Special thanks to Jonas Bengio for the sound design.  All work is done by me expect where my role is noted below.

0:05 - 3D Animation
0:07 - All 3D aspects
0:11 - 3D Character Animation
0:13 - 3D Character Animation
0:17 - All 3D aspects
0:24 - 3D Object Animation
0:27 - 3D Animation
0:29 - 3D Animation


About the project

Inspired by my kid's toys and my love for space exploration, this project came to be.  It was also a great excuse to practice UV mapping.  

Personal Project

Year: 2021

Software:  Cinema 4D R23,  Octane Renderer

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