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Project: harvest

my role:  Mascot Design, Set Design, Animation

Inspired by all of the farm toys my kids play with and I trip over, Harvest started life as an illustration but then it was clear that it needed to be animated.  I love to create projects that look like could be played with and that my kids want to watch.   



My wife's family farm has lots of equipment, but one little tractor caught my eye (see the photo) It is such a unique looking machine.  Using it as inspiration, I got to sketching out some ideas. 

Visual Development

I initially went for landscape with more depth - which still warrants some development, because I really enjoy the composition, the spherical hills, and the curved header is fun.  In the end, I went for a more simple isometric view, which was probably just the warm up before I return to finish the more interesting scene.   


About the project

Inspired by my kid's toys and my love for space exploration, this project came to be.  It was also a great excuse to practice UV mapping.  

Personal Project

Year: 2021

Software:  Cinema 4D R23,  Octane Renderer

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