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Project: Christmas 2021

my role:  Mascot Design, Set Design, Animation

A Christmas themed personal project explores a chocolate filled land where the deliveries are large and sweet.   The task was to make a world feel like a miniature land where the lines of real and imagined are blurred.  

This piece is dedicated for our mailman Dale who recently retired. 

Starting with some sketches, I got some ideas down for how I wanted this piece to look.  Taking some inspiration from chocolate bars and truffles, I sketched out some different objects that could included.   One thing I like to keep in mind is - if I were to build this in real life, how would I do it.  Then I take that approach into 3D. 



About the project

Inspired by my kid's toys and my love for space exploration, this project came to be.  It was also a great excuse to practice UV mapping.  

Personal Project

Year: 2021

Software:  Cinema 4D R23,  Octane Renderer

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