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AJ Bell

Project: AJ Bell

my role:  3D Animation

In fall 2023, I was brought on board to join Jelly and director Design Lad to help animate several fun scenes for an AJ Bell campaign.  Each one brought its own challenge, from opening a bell shaped pea pod to simulating rocket exhaust to sheep herding.  Check out some of the behind the scenes and the finished work below. 


Production:  Jelly 

Producer:  Tom Henneberry

Design and Direction:  Design Lad

3D Animation:  James Hebers

Final Animations


Animating the Pea Pod opening presented a tricky task, as we wanted to open in a zipper type manner.  The Cinema 4D posemorph was the go-to place to start, however you cannot use fields with it.  After some research, when you add in a Morph deformer then you can have access to the powerful fields system to control how to animate between open and closed positions. 


About the project

Inspired by my kid's toys and my love for space exploration, this project came to be.  It was also a great excuse to practice UV mapping.  

Personal Project

Year: 2021

Software:  Cinema 4D R23,  Octane Renderer

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